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Do you have a barefoot tattoo?  If so, share a picture with us and tell us the story about it and why you got it.  See how your tattoo compares with other cool footin tattoos around the world. Email a photo of your tattoo to:

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Just email us a picture and a story behind it to


<----- The white spot in this tattoo marks the spot I frequently get a blister from skiing on glass or in hot water conditions. Talked about it for years. I spent most of the summer healing from a ski injury and figured I could heal up from a tattoo at the same time.


Thanks, Chris Rinke


When my girls were younger they skied for the Twin Lakes WI. Aquanuts. I began to ski with some of the other Dads and when I saw them barefoot I thought I gotta try it…. Been hooked on Footin ever since! That was nearly 15 years ago. So for my 50th birthday recently I had my sister in law, my wife and my girls join in on the design… and here is what they came up with….

 Hope you can post this one on your site!!!!

Rich Janusz


We celebrated my 15th year of being cancer free this year after having Hodgkins Lymphoma. Wanted to get another tattoo with a barefoot theme to celebrate.

Tim Meyer


These Tattoos were done in Las Vegas @ Club Tattoo. My wife Brynn and I decided to get the same exact tattoo while in Vegas right after our wedding! We both have a love for the sport and couldn't decide on a better time or place to get them done! -Clayton & Brynn Graham

Danny McWaters from Hawaii

Aiden Finch, barefoot tattoo, right shoulder.
Represents skiing for my country (Great Britain) for many years and enjoying every second of it.

I've been barefooting For 20 years and I decided about 10 years ago that it was time for a barefoot tattoo, but I wanted it where I could hide it or show it.

Aaron Schoelzel - Wisconsin
This is a tat that I had a friend draw based off what I told him.

Eric Freidle - Wisconsin
Here is the newest ultimate barefoot tattoo.  It is still in progress but it starts down with a rope wrapped around the wrist and then it winds up around the arm to a front toe handle.  The waves are crashing over the rope throughout the whole sleave.  I need to start the color but this is the start of my ultimate barefoot tattoo.

John Muszynski - Perham, MN.
Two separate tats on upper back by two different artists, the first being my nickname SKI and then I added the barefoot tat a couple of summers ago.

Darren Owens - Baton Rouge, LA
Right Calf
We met Darren "The Real Deal" Owens at the 2010 LA Night Jam in Baton Rouge, LA.  During our conversation, he asked if we'd like to see his footin tattoo.  He said it cost him 4 packs of cigarettes while he was serving a sentence for the state.  To top it off, he explained that the guy doing the tattoo was a nearly blind Chinese man.  You don't get any more REAL than that.  

Terry Long - Enid, Oklahoma - Left arm
Good Morning Chuck, Went to Hawaii a few years back, of course the
“Hang Loose” sign is everywhere.  Then it dawned on me……  (Hang Loose on your Bare Feet) would make a great tattoo  and in the back ground is like the water spray reflecting in the sun light !

Mike Temby - Brentwood, CA - Right Hip
I was in my late 20's when I decided to have that done. I was always into the Goofy Water Skiing Cartoon Photos that you have all seen and I still to this day have kind of a goofy personality. Just thought it would be a cool one to have. I always enjoy showing it to people who are blown away at the fact that I even have a Tattoo.
Go Goofy!

Alan Brewster
Ironic timing Chuck!  I was on the table getting this brand new tattoo as I got your announcement!  As a former military man and as a very proud American barefooter I had this drawn I and done.  I'm very proud of it. I had it out on the outside of my calf.  Pretty cool I think. Hope it helps to inspire others. Thank you

Pepper Benz - Sacramento, CA - Right Arm

Here's a a design I came up with about 6 years ago.... Josh Bain 
(The Tattoo is on my buddy's arm in remembrance of a good friend of ours)

My dad skied on a Denver, Colorado city lake back in the early 60 called Sloans Lake. As the water supply for this lake is mostly storm run-off, it wasn't then, and is still today not very clean. So, the local ski club at the time was nick-named the Sloan's Lake Sewer Rats. Fast forward 30 years to a gravel Pit outside of Denver, where we were able to hold Colorado's first USA-Water Ski sanctioned Barefoot tournament in 1993. Not having an identity, and needing one we settled on the Pit 4 Gravel Rats. Over the years we've had several different versions of the "Gravel Rat" but the boys have adopted the attached. Tony Sturgess, who now lives in Bellevue Washington was the first to get inked, followed shortly by myself, Mike Whitney. Tony has the gray Rat, (first two pics) and not to be an exact replicate, I went with a brown rat.

Chis Van Zeeland - Green Bay, WI - left arm

Tim Ryan - left arm
I always wanted to get a tattoo so the first one had to be based on something I loved, that was Barefoot Waterskiing. We hit the road to Lake Geneva Wisconsin about a 40 minute drive from Crystal Lake, IL.  Hell that was 15 years ago. The cool thing about this tattoo is only people in the sport know WTF is stands for!!! Great section keeps up the great work.

Submitted by Paul Macdonald - Student at a clinic in Albany, NY

Chuck Gleason - Owner of BFC - Katy, Tx (Right Ankle)
BFM stands for Barefoot Men

Craig Baker - Lake Milton, Ohio
Picture on right is one on the bottom of my foot.... hard to see, I have had it redone 3 times.