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Quick Coaching Tips for Teaching Kids

We get a lot of emails each year from parents interested in knowing how they should go about teaching their kids how to barefoot waterski.  Our #1 response is to schedule time with a professional coach.  We recommend sending young kids to coaches that have kids of their own or have many years experience with kids.  Working with kids is much different than working with adults and in the wrong environment, your kids can become easily intimidated.  So pick your coaches carefully.  For more information on barefoot ski schools, check out the BFC Ski School Review

Maybe you've sent your kids to barefoot school, but need some refresher pointers, or maybe you don't want to spend the money until you know your child is interested in it.  For that reason, we've assembled a few videos to help you with the basics.  You'll walk through training along with Kathryn, our 7 year old, as she learns the sport.  We'll show you some quick tips and tricks we've used to get youngsters (and adults) to understand what to do on the water so they can enjoy the sport and not be afraid of it.

The tips we show on here are not meant to represent the only way to learn.  They are techniques Chuck has picked up over the last 26 years as he learned the sport.  Chuck has trained with or skied with nearly every top instructor/barefooter including Mike Siepel, Ron Scarpa, Brett Sands, Keith St Onge, Paul Stokes, Mike Frankenbush, Paul Macdonald, Andre De Villiers, Eugene & Heinrich Sam, Mike Salber, Willie Farrell, Ryan Boyd, Bill Brzoza, Lane Bowers, Peter Fleck, Gizie & John Price, Brendan Paige and many more.  He's developed knowledge on everything from the basics to high end advanced techniques including surface turns, one-foot turns, toe turns etc...   Chuck developed training aids such as the BFC Extreme Footers and BFC Neckbrace for helping skiers learn the sport faster with less injuries.

If you have some tips of your own, and would like to submit your own video, please send an email (Click Here) and we'll walk you through upload instructions. 

Learning the basics

The Easiest Way to Teach someone to barefoot - The Easy Footer

Standing up with confidence & one foots

Learning the Tumble up

Wake Crossing

When to Start Backwards and How

More Wake Crossing - Learning the Basics

Learning Front Toe Holds - Dry Land Practice Makes Doing it on the Water Easier

Learning Long-Line Front Toe Holds

Learning the 1-Foot Stand-up

Learning Back One-Foots

Easy (1st Step) to Learning Back Toe-Holds

Dad, I want to go to Camp Grady for 2 Weeks PLEEEEASE!.
..Click Here

Off to Barefoot Ski School for the first time.

All Your Hard Work Results in ALL 4 Surface Turns at 9 yrs old

YMCA CAMP GRADY SRUCE - A Great Place to send your kids - Click to see why

More tips and tricks to learning surface turns

Struggling learning the Reverse FB?

Another Option for Learning the Reverse Front to Back

Surface Turns - Dialing them in


Multiple Turns

Kathryn's first attempts at multiple turns. Chuck takes you through the steps of learning multiples. 
Stacking Tricks to Learn Faster

At 10, Kathryn is learning back-toe holds and back-to-fronts on her feet. Chuck explains how to learn by stacking tricks 

Jumping Out of the Boat

Chuck instructs Austin Miner on how to jump out of the boat for the first time.

Making Deals to Motivate
This videos reviews the deal we made with Kathryn. Work hard over the winter, attain specific goals, and be rewarded with a trip on Spring Break.
 Added Motivation for the Coach

This videos reviews the deal we made with Kathryn. Work hard over the winter, attain specific goals, and be rewarded with a trip on Spring Break.
 Learning Toe Turns
Kathryn's first day Learning Toe Turns


Look Everyone!  I can Barefoot Waterski!!!

Do you have a picture of your child learning to foot?
Send it to us and we'll post it here on BFC
Email pics to

Hi Chuck, here's my 7 year old, Jack Schrunk learning to foot late this summer�.hope you enjoy.  Keep up the great work on the site�enjoying all my purchases from it.~Johnny Schrunk

Hi, just seen an advertisement to send in a picture of our child learning to barefoot, love watching yours, Andre`s and the rest of the BFC gang tutorials and tips on learning to barefoot and it also inspires us to have a go at more tricks.

Here is a photo of our 5 yrs old son Bailey getting amongst it too & learning to barefoot, he is now out of the swing and learning to tumble up...which he has taken to like a duck in water...

Also is a photo of Bailey trying a few tricks of his own..... We are hoping to catch Andre during his downunder visit this week (weather permitting) and look forward to meeting him.

Just want to say you guys do an awesome job and look forward to many more uploads on your site.

Sharon Carter