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Masters Challenge Prizes
500 Pt Masters Certification
1000 Pt Masters Certification
2000 Pt Masters Certification
3000 Pt Masters Certification
4000 Pt Masters Certification
5000 Pt Masters Certification
6000 Pt Masters Certification
7000 Pt Masters Certification
8000 Pt Masters Certification
9000 Pt Masters Certification
10000 Pt Masters Certification
11000 Pt Masters Certification

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Who will be next?
$2000 to every footer that completes
the Masters Challenge thru 11,000 pts.

We are proud to announce the launching of the BFC Masters Challenge.  The Masters Challenge is being set up with the primary mission of helping barefooters around the world become better barefooters and educating you on how to train to become a more well rounded skier, and even a world class skier if you have the motivation to do so.  We are setting up the Masters Challenge to answer the following questions:

1. Who is the most complete barefoot skier on the planet?  This will prove it
2. What level of barefooter are you really?  Do you know the basics?  Are you balanced?
3. What do you need to be working on to get to the next level?  We've laid it all out for you
4. How do you put together Trick runs?  No more guessing, just follow the runs laid out by the top Pros & Coaches 
5. Do you need to compete in 3-Event tournaments to get certified?  You'll be prepared for competition level footing, but if you don't have the time, you'll be able to become a Certified Master without ever competing, and you'll get famous doing it. Your videos will be seen by every footer in the world.  Our hope is that by preparing you, you will feel more confident about competing.  But for many weekend warriors and/or Show Skiers who don't have the time, you can use this opportunity to show the world what you are capable of and gain the ultimate prize we're all looking for, the RESPECT and ADMIRATION of our peers.

Ski the runs, video tape it, send it in
Ski on your own boat, on your own time, on your own water.
Advance at your own pace
Ski the boom or long-line!!  That's right, it's not a typo
We want to see you skiing at your BEST, in your comfort zone, at your highest confidence level
Do the tricks, get the credit and the recognition worldwide

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Are you ready?
Just click on the images below to review the runs

500 Pts 1000 Pts 2000 Pts 3000 Pts
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4000 Pts 5000 Pts 6000 Pts 7000 Pts
Click Here for details Click Here for details Click Here for details Click Here for details
8000 Pts 9000 Pts 10000 Pts 11000 Pts
Click Here for details Click Here for details Click Here for details Click Here for details

We've laid out trick runs starting at 500 pts and advancing all the way to 11,000 pts.  We've given 2 options for each run.  Your challenge is to show us you can ski these runs.  Not versions of these runs, but EXACTLY these runs.  We've put together the runs that make it easiest for you to advance from one level to the next in the sport.  So the Challenge is two-fold.  There's a challenge to advance beyond where you're doing today, but the second challenge is to first go back to the basics and show us that you're a complete skier.  So brush up on those tumbles and back toes, it's time to show us what you've got.

The rules are simple:
- Everyone starts at the beginning.  That's right, Keith St. Onge has to start at 500 pts along with everyone else.
- Video yourself doing the runs, and once you're satisfied, send in your video, along with a nominal entry fee to cover the costs of reviewing the videos, converting and uploading the videos to the web, and sending you your awards and certifications. Click Here to see the prizes
- Once you receive notice you are certified and the video is posted, check it off your list and go to the next level.
- Videos will be time and date stamped and be available for all to see forever.  You'll have an on-line video diary of your, or your family's growth in the sport, and be able to see others doing the runs you are currently working on.  And we'll all be pulling for the same thing, We'll be helping each other get better at the sport we all love.