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South African Scene
The craziest group of footers you'll ever meet.


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The South African Barefoot Scene
Behind the Scenes with the World's Top Footers


South African has been producing some of the most talented barefoot waterskiers the world has ever seen.  Names like Sam and De Villiers are becoming as common as Scarpa, Seipel and St. Onge. What makes the South Africans so unique is the age of their skiers.  Heinrich Sam is setting new world records at the age of 17.  Andre De Villiers is 22 and is defining and re-defining the sport of freestyle barefoot.  Andre's younger brother Zane, at age 19 is rocketing to the top and creating sick new moves on the water like the overhead 360.

Most of us won't ever get a chance to travel to South Africa to ski with these barefoot phenomenon's, so we sent them a camera and asked them to videotape anything they felt would give the rest of the world an idea of what it's like to ski and train in South Africa.

The videos have been amazing and we'll be bringing all the action to you right here.  We hope you enjoy the great skiing, as well as getting to know all the personalities that go into making these guys who they are.

The Videos - WARNING - DO NOT Attempt and of what you see.
Andre's Australia Tour 2011 Click Here

Zane De Villiers shows us how they have fun in the Winter.

Scuba Steve
Just for Fun
Click Here


Getting to Know Zane De Villiers Click Here

A FREESTYLE Weekend with the BFC Boys

The Durban Boys - Pascal & Laurent Bowens

Merry Christmas 2009 South African Style

Heinrich Sam sets NEW Junior EAME and Open Records

The Boys Off the Water
Open the World Games 2009
Sports at the World Games
Andre and Quinn Issue the Freestyle Challenge
Heinrich and Andre Discuss Their Worlds 09 Experience in New Zealand
The scariest point in the boy's trip to Texas - Loosing Michele's bag
Learning the Flip out of the boat
Heinrich and Zane Freestylin down the river
Halloween in South Africa
Heinrich shows his Freestyle talents
Andre's First Trip to Surf Expo - Behind the Scenes Footage
Andre & Zane's Road Trip to Footstock on the BFC Bus  
BFC Freestyle Competition at Footstock 08
Zane Arrives in Texas - Discusses Footstock Freestyle with Andre
 Andre skis with David Small & Emily Goldy in London - We're Lovin It
Andre Skis in Paris France
Behind the Scenes Video #7 - Andre & Zane Discuss Footstock & Freestyle Competition
Behind the Scenes Video #6 - What We Do For Fun
Behind the Scenes Video #5 - What's Next for the S. Africans
Behind the Scenes Video #4 - Nadine lays down a challenge to the women
Behind the Scenes Video #3 - Over the Water and Into the Bush We Go
Behind the Scenes Video #2 - Learning Zane's Flip
Behind the Scenes Video #1
Botswana Safari Trip After Nationals
Introducing Zane De Villiers - Here Comes the Boom

South African team sponsors include Barefoot Central, Eagle Sports, and Masterline handles