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2009 BFC Freestyle Weekend & ShoeSki Battle
2008 BFC ShoeSki Battle

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BFC Shoe Ski Battle
Are you rrrready to RRRuuuuummmble?

In 2007, we got together with our team and came up with the idea of an organized, double elimination shoe ski battle tournament.  We had all been doing battles for fun for several years, but had never set it up as an organized event.

Our goal was to have an event that everyone (men, women, boys and girls) could participate in and have a heck of a lot of fun doing so.  To keep things on the fun side, we encouraged "trash talking" and everyone had to have a nickname.  From the beginning of the tournament to the end, you would be called by your nickname.

The rules of battle are simple.  The battle begins when the boat starts moving, and ends when one person becomes disconnected from their handle or the other person.  To win a battle, a skier much win 2 out of 3 battles.  In the event of a tie, the battles will continue until one of the skiers wins 2 out of 3.  You can not run away.  If your opponent is on the table, you must come to the table and battle.  If you don't engage within 5 seconds of the time the other skier is on the table, you will forfeit that battle.  As long as skiers are battling, they can battle anywhere behind the boat.  No shots to the head are allowed.  No wining, no crying, or complaining you got a raw deal. 

Salber The Enforcer battles it out against Pit Bull Boyd - This battle took 8 runs for one guy to win 2 out of 3