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The Fastest Barefooters in the World

Scott Pellaton comes out of retirement to train Teresa Wallace  to break the 22 year old Women's World Speed Record

Scott turns 50 and celebrates by coming out of retirement to foot behind a drag boat again proving age is only a state of mind.

Speed Barefooting is an aspect of our sport that very few have the nerve to do.  It's takes nerves of steel to hold on to a rope behind a top fuel drag boat that's accelerating from a slow speed of 60mph to 130mph is less than 3 seconds knowing that if you fall, you could break every bone in your body as you skip across the water out of control.

The most famous speed footer is Scott Pellaton.  He's been retired for nearly 10 years, but he came out of retirement in 2006 at the age of 50 to make a speed run just to show the world he still had it.  In the process, he inspired Teresa Wallace to learn the sport and train to break the Women's world record.  Teresa plans to continue her quest for speed throughout 2007 as she follows the Drag Boat circuit across the country.

Speed Barefoot Stories & Videos

Scott Pellaton - Where is He Now?
How Teresa Wallace set the Women's Speed World Record
The Video the Shows it ALL
50 Meg Windows Media File - 35 minutes
Teresa Wallace Foots at Firebird April 2007
50 Meg Windows Media File - 35 minutes