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Keith St Onge
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C O O L    B A R E F O O T    V I D E O S
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The next best thing to barefoot waterskiing, is watching cool videos of other footers barefoot waterskiing.  Seeing as though we get to hang out with some very talented barefooters, we take every available opportunity to shoot plenty of video footage.  We never know when we'll be inspired to create the next Hot Video, so it's good to have a lot of video to choose from.

Shooting and editing videos are both time consuming and expensive.  So we make it a practice to Pre-Release the latest videos to Barefoot Central Team Members.  It's the members joining our team each year that makes it possible for us to produce these short video clips.  The more members we have, the more videos we produce.  

If you like the videos here on BFC, please support our efforts by joining Team BFC.  A $50 membership gets you 15% off in our Pro Shop for a year, you get a team hat & sticker, and the funds go towards helping us cover the costs of doing these videos.

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The scariest point during
Andre & Zane's 2008 trip to TX
Loosing Michele's Luggage
Click Here

Ben Donner Films
Footin II - Click Here

Here Comes the Boom
 Click Here

Scott Pellaton drops by BFC to visit and decides to try a side-slide.....and more...
Click Here for video

Peter Fleck comes out for a ski with Andre De Villiers
GIVE IT AWAY (New Video)

The Eagle Rubix Barefoot Suit with ADV
Click Here

Behind the scenes at

Video tour of the factory - click here

That's Cool!
But can ANDRE do it Long Line?
Click Here

Keith St. Onge & Chuck Gleason
Set 20 minutes Tandem Endurance Record & Challenge anyone to match it for cash payout.
Click Here to see video of entire run

No Driver?  No Spotter? 
No Problem - Click Here

Heinrich's 10,450 Trick Run Video


Andre De Villiers "Goin Too Fast"

Who Do Ya Love?


Barefoot Waterski Racing Cup Series "THUNDER"


17 year old Andre DeVilliers 10,850 Pt Trick Run

12 year old Heinrich Sam 9,350 Pt Trick Run

Slow Ride



Keith St. Onge Cool Video #1

Keith St. Onge Cool Video #2

Hot in Here Video

Brett New Jumping

Invert Ramp Jumping

Invert Ramp Jumping #2

I Wanna Be a Cowboy Video

Magic Carpet Ride Video

Eagle Sports releases the KSO Revolution
Click Here to watch the video

Attack of the Killer Tube

DAVID SMALL World Record Trick Run  CLICK HERE  

Gizzy Halasz Women's Overall World Champion Trick Run  CLICK HERE

How to stay Warm skiing in Cold Water  CLICK HERE

O T H E R    C O O L    V I D E O S

Toe Hold
Surface Turn
Keith St Onge
Extreme Starts
Hand Skiing
Scarpa & Kretchman
Rick Powell
Barefoot Kicker