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This new section of is for everyone around the world to be able to share there coolest photos with other footers.  We all have our favorite pictures that inspire us, send chills down our spines, and motivate us to get back out on the water to do more.

Now is your chance to share your favorite shots as well as see some shots that are submitted by other footers all around the word.

So if you have a photo that you feel should be shared, email it to us and we'll do our best to post if for all to see.  Photos can be new, old, action shots, on water, off water, you name it.  If you have any photo that is somehow related to barefoot waterskiing, and one you feel is worth sharing with the world, send it in and we'll post it.

We have thousands of photos we're going through ourselves and we'll be posting our favorite shots here as well.  Below are a few to get us started.  If you have a photo, email it to  Be sure to tell us who took the picture and why you are submitting it. 

Katina Davis doing a body slide. This photo was taken out of a video that I made on Saturday 2/8/2014 at Lake Tinaroo, far north Queensland, Australia

Greg Fossett - Minneapolis, MN

Perfect water for a side slide whip! Taken in Black River Falls Wisconsin, even smiling! Mark Froemke



The photo is a little blurry, but it was right at dusk at the end of a relay across our 27,000 acre lake. The handle is tucked behind my head and about a half a second after this picture i bailed hard at the finish line.

Jordan Speros

Hey Chuck!
I'm a huge fan of freestyle thanks to you guys. I just began to attempt some freestyle moves this summer, and as the end of the summer was drawing nearer, i began learning side-slides. This is a picture of my last run in Three Lakes, WI. It was a brisk, cold day and my buddy and I figured id be best to wear hats to stay warm, since we had no heater shirts. This is me doing my first one foot side-slide on the boom.
Thanks a lot,
Adam Berger


Steve Krumwiede left Ken Cowles far right Jeff Flach driver Mike Lowe passenger photo by Mark Smith at Suncoast Ski Ranch  
This is our setup thanks for the tips and all the wetsuits we ordered this year!

Bailey Carter and Asher Gordon both 6 years old, footing together showing off some of their tricks, recently on our holiday on Wallamba River, Forster NSW, Australia.

Yo Yo Chang from Taiwan barefooting in Taipei.
Picture taken by Leigh Wyatt in May 2009

Zane De Villiers completing an ADV
Taken by Andre De Villiers

Andre De Villiers - 2010 LA Night Jam - Baton Rouge, LA
The ADV - Air De Villiers

Learning Back to Front 1 - Lori Hybarger Jaworsky
Taken by my husband

Learning Back to Front 2 - Lori Hybarger Jaworsky
Taken by my husband

Barefoot Flyers - Lori Hybarger Jaworsky & Dave Miller
Taken by: Becky Guess Fox

Girls on Boom - Wendy Oehler & Lori Hybarger Jaworksy
Taken by: Becky Guess Fox

Bryan Martens and Nicolle Blackmore, dont know the year, but it was a while ago !(she just placed 5th in the 2010 Worlds.) Shot at Hatzic Lake BC CANADA

 Your photo here
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My name is Michael and I'm from Queensland, in Australia. I'm sending you a pic of me taken by my girlfriend Jessica on Australia Day 2009.  It clearly shows me about to stack it hard, but for me it shows me that I should never give up, just like the "I get knocked down" video with Andre and Zane, Flipping out of the Boat does!

Tyler Schrunk

Cody Thompson
Holiday Shores Lake - Edwardsville, IL

Todd Thompson
Holiday Shores Lake - Edwardsville, IL

Todd Thompson
Holiday Shores Lake - Edwardsville, IL

Rene' Niebuhr

This picture is of Jessica Parker from Marysville, CA taken by me, David Naddy. I thought it would be cool to post this picture because two weeks before this was taken she had never water skied, wakeboarded, kneeboarded or barefooted. In the 4 or 5 times she went out she learned to double ski behind the boat and trying to jump the wake, kneeboard crossing the wake and trying to spin around backwards and getting up on a slalom ski on a 8 ft rope off the boom. This was the first time she tried to barefoot, she tumbled around and she popped right up and she will be on a short rope soon and that is when she will get her own barefoot suit. The best thing about the pic is her smile, when she goes out skiing she has so much fun and is always smiling.

Royal Wiseman

My brother and I came to Ron's a couple years ago, I was just looking through some old pictures and was thinking of you guys!  I thought you might like this, it is from when were down at ski school!! Enjoy,...Heather Anderson

Stylin' in Eagle suits:
Michigan Divers- Kyle Schroeder and Chris Morrison doing a human chain Fenton, MI

Stylin' in Eagle suits:
Michigan Divers- Kyle Schroeder and Chris Morrison doing a human chain Fenton, MI

Brothers Kyle & Brendan Diffly barefoot with Kathryn Gleason.  Stylin in their matching suits.

My name is Tyler Pickney. This picture was taken by Cyndi Pickney back in 2006 on Lake Wisconsin. I was waving at the camera for a picture, but I fell. The camera had delay and this is the result of that.

Jordan McFarlane - Loving it - Australia

The Hill Brothers - New Years Day 2009 - Pheonix, Arizona Barefoot Crew

n behalf of the Sarasota Ski-A-Rees Water Ski Show Team from Florida, who is a group who enjoys all the amazing work you guys do! picture taken by Carrie

On behalf of Team PencilFooters located in Connecticut, I would like to say that we are a longtime fan of your website and appreciate the great job that yall are doing. Keep up the good work.

These pictures were taken at a lake in Connecticut around 7 in the morning with the fog still hanging on the water. Makes for some good pictures.  These photos were all taken by Meagan Luginbuhl. 

Ben Luginbuhl - Team PencilFooters

Ben Luginbuhl - Team PencilFooters

Ev Skinner - Team PencilFooters

The following pictures are of my son Tim Wise II. After watching all the videos put up by Andre and Zane, he has learned to barefoot and even taught some of his friends how.  He went from being barely able to ski on the boom for 7 seconds to doing tumble turns and front one foots long line. Here are some pictures of him on Norris Lake,Tn throwing some spray and doing a butt glide. The pictures were taken by his good friend Parker while I was driving. We call it the unknown barefooter.

This is �Hobie� Joseph Gilley on Jackson lake in Georgia. It took only one try for him to deep water start and start showing off. This was summer of �07�. Now he is doing even more at 14 yrs. Old.

James Weber - Crandon, Wisconsin
BFC Footer of the Month - March 2006

John and Daniel Hill enjoying a Lake Powell morning in our new Eagle suits.

Mike Temby, from Discovery Bay, California with
randson Kade D�antonio Valencia first ski ride at 11 months.

John and Daniel Hill enjoying a Lake Powell morning in our new Eagle suits.

Australia - This is a photo from our ski trip of March this year. Love the fog coming from the glass under this slide glide. This shot was taken at dawn right before a 300 merc outboard came zigzagging past towing a biscuit. The water wasn�t the same all day.

Human chain: Dan Kaehr (footer), Spencer Lewis (rope). 
Photo taken by Sam Kaehr.

Dan Kaehr (left), Spencer Lewis (right). Bluffton, Indiana.
Just havin a little fun double short rope. Photo taken by Sam Kaehr.

A picture of my daughter (10 yrs)...her first attempt on the boom...the smile says it all
,,,Peter Wells - England

Picture submitted by Tyler Schrunk

This photo of me was taken by my friend Brittany. I'm submitting this photo because I like the colors in it, and my big cheese-eating grin!  I love footing. Look ma, no padded shorts! ... a mistake I later paid for.   - Michael Waring

I thought this was a neat picture Landen and Kamaryn Ehlers
at our annual "Barefoot Camp-out" in Austin Texas.  - Blake Ehlers

A position you Don't want to be in when jumping......This is going to hurt!!!....... Dan Baumgartner

Here is a picture from the SC Regional�s Youth Clinic held 3 days before the competition in 2007. All but 2 are juniors with the youngest 10 years old.
Way to go kids!!....Jim Rollins  Austin Barefoot Ski Club President

Hey Guys this is a picture of me doing out of 2 I thought u guys might like it!!! Hope u can use it!! Oh and i inclosed a picture of me and Keith St Onge barefooting side by side at Footstock last year (2006).......Brian Lequia

Howie Elliot stepping on sun etched glass - Eagle River, WI - Photographed by Clark Jennings
Notice the ski just outside the spray

Andrew  ConwaySan Mateo, CA.

This is my son Bryce age 7 right after he learned to barefoot for the first time.  Summer 2006......Amy Culver - Madison, Wisconsin

Sam Groen - New Zealand - Sweet Butt Slide

Bill Ellis "Mr. Everything" catches both heels while skiing backwards.
This is gonna hurt.  The good news is that he's wearing a neck brace.

I'm Brad Kegley, sendin you some photos from the Crandon, Wisconsin Water Ski Shows. The first picture I'm coming in from the successful flying dock, and the 2nd photo is a picture of me doing a flying dock. Previous to the 1st successful flyer, I was pulled WAY to hot off the dock and was yanked off.  -------------------------->>>>>

Attached is a pic my wife, Erica, took during the filming of the �Secret Spot� on the Brazos back in 2003.  What you don�t see is that I showered an HD video camera worth God knows how much when I passed by just a couple feet off the swim platform as we skied by. Needless to say it made the film. Phil Gustafson - Austin, Texas

Brad Kegley
Crandon, Wisconsin

Rod Sheppard - Beaumont, Texas

Rob Groen and Sam
Christ Church, New Zealand

Who says 3-Eventers can't show ski???  Andre, Keith and Heinrich skiing over you doing a pyramid at 47 mph, while Chuck Gleason drives to line them up.  If that doesn't make you pucker up, nothing will.

Andre de Villiers - South Africa - Photo by John Hill

Andre de Villiers - South Africa - Keith St. Onge in the water shooting the video - Picture taken by John Hill

Jason Lee - Terre Marre Lakes - US Nationals, Houston, Texas

Jason Lee - US Nationals - Sacremento, CA

Jimmy Taurus - Austin, Tx

Blake Ehlers - Austin, Tx

Kevin Lee - San Antonio, Tx

Hi everyone! These are the Hungarians: Norbert Hartmann nearly 90 kg and
Diana "Dio" Dorflinger as a rope on the river Tisza.
(Norbi was so heavy so my smile was not natural)

Aussie Gizella Halasz with Dora's mum Dio Dorflinger on the river Danube near to Budapest

Dora Mehes  - 6 years old Hungarian lady's first experience about barefoot skiing on a lake near to Budapest.

Andre de Villiers gets up close as Keith St. Onge foots by at 45mph.

Keith St. Onge shoots a picture of Andre de Villiers at BFC Photo Shoot
Photo by John Hill

Brady, Greg, Kyle, and Rich

These photos were taken near the end of March on the Chippewa River in Eau Claire, WI when the four of us decided to try a four-man deep behind a Mastercraft Prostar 190.(Left to right, Brady, Greg, Kyle, Rich) We ended up making it but the boat would only give us about 35mph.  Brady Guth

Cody Heller

Elaine Heller

Elaine Heller using sister Shannon as a rope

From 1982....This photo was taken when I handed my camera to one of the girls in the show. We were performing in a Ski show on Lake Martin, Opelika, AL.  From Left to Right, Jeff Howorth, Bob Mahnke, Steve Fontaine, and "Can't Remember" All 4 of us actually made the start and a complete show loop, two shows in a row. Estimated height 35 to 40 feet!

 I took this picture the morning of the 2004 Austin Dam to Dam. It�s a real cool shot with the fog in the background. I had the good fortune that year to ski with Team MVS. The picture of Team Ski Pro East was taken from the team MVS boat.
Bruce Rivera

Hi Chuck - Dave from LSL wanted me to send you this barefoot picture for the website. Paul Bryant

Chris Morrison just off the ramp.  Picture taken by Chuck Gleason. 
Location: Tarre Marre Lakes, Houston, Texas (July 2006)
My wonderful and very understanding wife took this picture of me in early June 06.  She was nauseous and ready to throw up from "riding backwards in the spotting seat" while taking this picture.  Unknown to us it wasn't the riding backwards that was making her sick.  The next morning she figured out she was pregnant with our first child!! Seth Novak

Hi Chuck my name is David Mcgavin from Australia we love Footing down here. I have 4 mates that love it as much as I do so we get in as much footing as we can. A few lessons from the Legend Brett Sands don't go astray either. I have a heap of great photo's I will round a few up and forward them on, I think this is a great idea .I can look at photo's of other keen footers all day. I don't know if you can post this one or not? I will get some others together soon. Thanks for the site we love I down here. Best Regards David Mcgavin

Just saw the photos section on your web site. Here are some pictures we took early this year. Jordan in the blue and red suit took some bribing to have a go. After we taught him to foot, he moved on to slalom skiing. I�m pretty sure he still hasn�t tried doubles. We are all from the Kentish Aquatic Club, Tasmania, Australia. Greg Hind

Hi Chuck. Three years, when the girls were 11-12 years old, I suggested a "cheerleader" pose for the ever popular toe-hold pic. As you can see, Elaine was receptive of the idea, but Shannon pitched a fit. Said she didn't want to look like a sally. Thanks, Blake Heller.

Mathijs Zielman doing his first side slide. He is thirteen years old and skies in the Dutch barefoot team I hope you like the picture. JAN TER WEE from Holland
Kudos to David Harper!. Shot this while driving Doc Kutun last week.
Best shot of Doc on one foot.

These two photo's are of my 58 year old dad on the boom bar, I believe this photo is worthy because he is 58 and my dad. This is his third attempt at barefooting.
I took the photo of him. We are from Australia.  I hope that you enjoy the photo as much as I do.  Travis Bacon

Kevin Baugh Steve Epifiano Mike Seiple 1987 Human Skis.

It looks like Kevin and Randy should have started a band.
Kevin Baugh 95 or 96 posed for the Cover of the Holiday Shores Ski club ad book
Photographer Carla Baugh. The first time they handed me the guitar it knocked me on my Ass
This is my Son Paul Baugh going on the short line with an assist from proud papa Kevin Baugh
Photographer Carla Baugh 1991
Scott Lockwood doing a back flyer - Photo by Carla Baugh

Jack Henricks doing a front flyer - Photo by Carl Baugh
Mike Schneider - Lake St. Louis - TEAM MVS

The Whippin Crew Flag
Cumberland River - Nashvile, TN - Cup Series Race - 2005

Mississippi River Challenge - St. Louis, MO - Cup Series Race

Chuck Gleason, Stuart Singer, & Mike Salber having fun
Waco, Tx - Brazos River - 7am

Look Mom!  No hands!

Team BFC on Mississippi River during Moline Race. Chuck Gleason skiing. Team flying PINK flag after being beat by girls in California

Photo of John Hill doing a side-slide early in the morning on Bartlett Lake, Arizona.  Photo taken by Brad Dreier
This is a pic my dad (Doug Vickers) took of myself on the Mississippi river in St. Paul MN in Feburary. No camera tricks involved.   Mike Vickers
This was taken by Paul Snell on the Mississippi river in St.Paul, MN on Thanksgiving.  3 hours to cut ice for 6 guys to get one run.
This picture was taken back in 1998 I do believe. It's the "Communist" Randy Mikolai (my cousin) firing off some tunes with a toe hold.
  Your photo here  Your photo here