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Sanger Announces Canadian Promo Program

March 9, 2011

In an effort to get more barefoot boats into the Canadian market and support Canadian based barefoot tournaments such as the Canadian Nationals, Sanger Boats announced that they are offering special price discounts to Canadian footers willing to participate in Sanger's promo program.

This news comes a week after Sanger announced they are converting to Indmar engines in their DXII model barefoot boats.

"We're very excited about the performance of the new Indmar engines (55mph).  We want to assist in getting as many of these new boats and engines to tournaments around the world leading up to the 2012 Worlds.  Canada has shown growth in the market and we'd like to have several factory promo skiers in that region supporting the sport"....Scott Pellaton, VP Marketing - Sanger Boats 

Sanger is partnering with to offer this new promo program to the Canadian market. 
If you're interested in getting more information about this program, please contact
Chuck Gleason at 1-866-576-6408, Email:, or
Scott Pellaton of Sanger Boats email:

 The NEW Indmar Powered DXII

For every new boat sold through this program, BFC will provide a FREE
 Barefoot Internation Tower Extension to the new owner.

a $1000.00 value

History Behind Decision to Move to Indmar

Most of you know that Sangers have been powered by Mercuisers for as long as most of us have been skiing,  But over the last few years, Mercruiser has slowly dropped their high performance motors from the market.  The 8.1, and 6.2HO Mercruisers are no longer available, so Sanger was left with only one option, the standard 5.7L 350hp Scorpion which tops out at around 45mph on a good day.

Sangers are the boat of choice for most footers and have a reputation for fast boats.  Due to the scale-back of Mercruiser, Scott Pellaton of Sanger Boats set out to find an engine company willing to supply Sanger with motors that could push the boat over 50mph.  Indmar was a top prospect.  Mastercraft had just announced that they are moving away from Indmar due to their new owner's (Roger Penske) decision to convert Mastercraft to his engine company (Ilmor).  So Mastercraft's loss is now Sanger's gain.

Scott Pellaton was quick to contact Indmar.  The have a solid reputation for quality engines, and he knew if they could push a Mastercraft to top speeds, they'll push the sleek Sanger hull designs even faster.

When barefooter Matt Hofeldt heard of the potential change, he contacted Sanger and BFC  about ordering the 1st boat to have one of these engines.  His boat was completed this week and the results are exciting.

Top speed with driver only and no skier - 55 MPH at 5300 RPMs

Top speed with 890 LBS load inside boat pulling a 220 LB skier
51.6 MPH @5100 RPM's 

The motor is an Indmar L96 - 6.0L Digital shift and throttle with Catalyzed exhaust.

The future looks very bright for the Sanger DXII!