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Sanger Boats to build Two Outboard Sanger Hulls

Ever since Sanger stopped making outboard boats, footers have compared the new boats and boat wakes to once was considered the best barefoot boat ever made, the Sanger Outboard.  To this day, skiers still consider the Sanger outboard the Holly Grail of barefoot boats.  When a used one comes up for sale, it's usually swiped up in a matter of days.  We, here at, have owned a Sanger Outboard since 1996 and to this day still use it as our primary boat for nearly every Freestyle Barefoot Video we do.  We've hosted the best footers from all around the world, and the reaction we get after skiers have skied behind the Sanger Outboard is one of total amazement.  Comments such as: "I didn't know a boat could have a wake that smooth", or "That's by far the smoothest wake I've ever skied".

So for several years now, we've been begging Sanger to consider making outboards again.  To our surprise, we recently received a call from Scott Pellaton of Sanger Boats informing use that he has been able to round up enough components at the factory to build at least two (2) new Sanger outboards.

The plan is for Sanger to build two hulls.  The buyers will be responsible for purchasing and installing the outboard engine, throttle, and instrument package that comes with the outboard that is purchased from either Mercury, Yamaha, Evenrude, etc... 

The boat will come with the following:

  • Full Interior
  • L shape seat on passenger side
  • carpeted back panel and removable rear seat
  • Fuel tanks that will be linked together, therefore no switch will be needed
  • Single Axle trailer
  • Dual cable steering (buyer can upgrade to hydraulic system)
  • Buyer can choose from any available Sanger Graphics package
  • Buyer can choose colors of boat and trailer

If you're interested in owning one of these two (Limited Edition) Sangers, please email us at or call us at 281-395-9751.

If you're wondering what the Sanger Outboard looks like and what it's wake characteristics are, please refer to the pictures and tables below, which were compiled during our Barefoot Boat Review.

Sanger Outboard







Curl Shape

Curl Water

Feels Like


Edge of Wake


Feels like


Table Shape

Table Water
Feels like


Makes me feel like I need to go faster


Sharp edge or sharp drop off


Extremely flat all the way across


Slight bowl shape



Round edge, sharp enough to feel drop


Smooth with slight arc or rise


Medium bowl

Slightly Hard


Round with easy let down


Flat with small hump or hard spot in middle


Deepest Bowl




No edge, but up-rise feel


Starts off flat but has significant rise in middle


From BFC
Helmet Cam
1.7M file size



No edge and very little rise

Nearly flat


Looks like a second edge, or double wake, but consistent and fairly flat.

Feels Like

Groomed like Powdered Sugar

 Wake Video
From in the Boat

996K file size






Mostly flat with a slight feel of hole in the middle

Medium Smooth

Medium Hard
Coffee Grounds







Up and down, too hard to cross

Coffee Beans