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Footers Celebrating Birthdays in the Month of March



firstname lastname country month day
Leonard Tremblay USA April 03
John Brownrigg USA November 02
Robbie Boswell USA November 04
Richard Grant USA July 06
Warren Wilke USA March 02
Terry Dwyre USA March 10
John Friede USA July 03
Colin Reed NZL July 12
Chris Sternagel USA June 12
Jerry Boynton USA November 01
Roger Williams USA November 03
Debbie Fahrenthold USA July 05
Barry Delaporte AUS July 07
Glenn Knight USA November 07
Gary Butler USA March 07
Claudia Landon USA June 10
Michael Gerstein USA October 10
Tom Cleveland USA October 11
Debbe-Ann Medina USA August 06
Kerry Phillips AUS October 03
Rich Peters USA March 04
Eckhard Bencina GER May 11
Michael Flaherty USA November 02
Mike Ozanne CAN June 04
Arlette Rossi FRA July 06
Tony Dickers AUS April 10
Tad Honsinger USA August 10
Kevin Keith USA March 04
Duane Godfrey CAN August 06
Tim Bailey USA July 10
Dan Cummings USA January 11
Walter Haazen BEL July 11
Mark Youngdahl USA September 11
Mias Cilliers RSA November 01
Rich Kremler USA October 02
Jeff Waterfall USA December 03
Terry Jones CAN March 04
Joe Malenfant USA December 06
Ernest Consentino FRA June 03
Phil Leschen AUS January 04
Sandra Gifford AUS November 06
Doug Hibrant CAN June 01
Lee Stone USA October 06
Andrew Conway USA February 07
Mike Portugue USA October 07
Enrico Cohen BEL September 08
Danny Moss USA March 09
Thomas Tocco USA April 10
Gary Flint USA March 12
David Dlamini RSA October 01
Jenny Hughes AUS March 03
Brian Elliott USA March 04
Aubry Pridgen USA June 04
Peter Taylor AUS March 06
Malcom McKee USA March 07
Cathy Tuleck CAN June 07
Mike Molepske USA November 07
Steve Mulryan USA May 12
Aaron York USA July 03
David Harper USA November 03
Didier Brugeau FRA July 04
Jess Caserta USA January 05
Jim Piskura USA May 05
Vincent Plamondon CAN September 05
Doug Rufenacht USA December 05
Mandy Wood AUS January 06
Rolf Riepelmeier GER October 07
Cameron Smith AUS July 12
Robbie Groen NZL October 12
Larry Covre CAN January 01
Mark Hazen USA April 01
Chris Silkowski USA November 02
Mike Frankenbush USA February 06
Chuck McPherson USA June 07
Christopher Rinke USA April 08
Kim Taylor USA September 08
Richard Knowles AUS November 08
Dan Carr CAN April 11
Lars Nilsson SWE March 06
Don King AUS May 07
Ken Moore AUS April 02
Erica Gustafson USA August 03
Brenda Groen NZL May 04
Shawn Flores USA February 06
Warren Wark AUS November 11
Lane Bowers USA January 12
Gina McKee USA January 01
Wayne Bosse CAN March 02
Frank Zinn GER April 02
Andrea Eggert USA November 03
Channon Vaughn USA June 04
Chuck Gleason USA August 04
Jim Cochran USA September 04
Carlo Hartmann LUX October 04
Joseph Jacinto USA August 06
Mike Schoenke USA September 07
Jon Coretti USA January 03
John Mylle BEL November 03
John Mylle USA November 03
Chip Hammonds USA October 04
Michele Gleason USA February 05
Jeff Stein USA August 08
Tony Manis USA May 09
Richard Jordan USA June 09
Gordie Croteau CAN December 10
Pat Scippa USA February 11
Brian Wright USA March 11
Ros Richardson AUS May 12
Todd Lewis USA June 12
Andrew Skelton NZL May 02
Carla Hopler USA January 04
Scott Rundle USA April 04
Rich Kaufman USA May 06
Darren Heath AUS September 07
Bart Vanderwegen BEL August 08
J.J. Link USA August 11
Georg Wimmer AUT February 02
Mike Hibrant CAN February 02
Stefanie Sternagel USA June 04
Jamie Sherwood CAN May 05
Shane Brooks AUS May 06
Blake Summers GBR July 08
Frank Renelt GER March 09
Michael Suarez USA May 01
Andre De Villiers RSA December 01
Andrew Richardson AUS November 04
Bradley Stebbeings AUS December 05
Chet Batson USA July 08
Daryn Bauser RSA June 09
Stephanie Hamblyn NZL February 01
Stacey Green AUS June 01
Matthew Skobrak USA April 05
Abigail Flaherty USA January 08
Megan Noy AUS February 09
Cathy Bourke NZL July 09
Kyal Niemann RSA July 09
Seth Sternagel USA March 12
Robert Lauwrens RSA June 02
Ben Harris GBR January 03
Clint Collier AUS November 03
Jake Dahms USA December 03
Christian Marschalek AUT July 04
Ryan Mcdonald IRL May 05
Nicky Brouns BEL August 06
Amy Morrison USA April 11
Joshua Bubnich AUS September 07
Stefan Wimmer AUT May 02
Landen Ehlers USA July 03
Ryan Harrower USA March 05
Chelsea Hammonds USA July 07
Brody Benoist USA May 08
Durant Rollins USA June 11
Mitch Groen NZL November 12
Clement Maillard FRA December 12
Shane McKee USA June 01
Ashleigh Stebbeings AUS October 06
Johnie Pressendo USA April 01
Sam Groen NZL December 01
Shannon O'Donnell NZL March 05
Mathijs Zielmann NED May 08
Pascal Bauwens RSA December 08
Anthony Collica USA May 06
Timo Schwarzkopf AUT January 11
Maria Collica USA March 04
A.J. Pridgen USA October 13
Irene Staal Boven NED November 13
Steve Krumwiede USA November 13
Christopher Szwed USA December 13
Michael Wemmert USA December 13
Don Carnathan USA December 13
Luke Van Den Heuvel AUS December 13
Laura Dickers AUS December 13
Robert Blaauw AUS February 13
Terrance Bashem USA March 13
Brad Mehrer USA March 13
Ingo Hahn GER March 13
Rod Sheppard USA March 13
Tenley Cederstrand USA March 13
Al Morrison USA March 13
Alex Jacovides RSA April 13
Philip Dean I USA May 13
Ken Kaestner USA May 13
Vaughan Cox NZL July 13
Marc Niebuhr GER August 13
Paul Greer AUS September 13
Brett Carr CAN September 13
Jesse Pare USA September 13
John Patterson USA January 14
Ronny Jansen BEL January 14
Doug Aird USA October 14
Ross Holden CAN November 14
Bernhard Kosch AUT November 14
Eric Aertsens BEL February 14
Devin Nolen NED February 14
Michael Whittaker USA March 14
Thibaut Michel FRA March 14
Damien Gautier FRA March 14
Louis Simard CAN April 14
Heinrich Sam RSA April 14
Jared Fisher RSA April 14
Andy Dreifort USA May 14
Jimmy Spell USA May 14
Philip Gustafson USA June 14
Gary Stewart USA July 14
Valerie Shinn USA July 14
Sue MacNamera CAN July 14
Jan Honsinger USA July 14
Ashley Knowles AUS July 14
Leigh Sloot AUS August 14
Mikael Soderquist SWE January 15
Jandre Grimbeek RSA January 15
Donna Ivory AUS October 15
Thomas Gabey USA October 15
Dirk Niemeyer GER October 15
Terry Schuler USA December 15
Lee RIECK USA February 15
Kathy Hockly NZL February 15
Joe Valenti USA March 15
Frankie Juhan CAN April 15
Seth Frase USA April 15
Alfred Hager USA May 15
Brad Barick USA June 15
John Burnett NZL July 15
Chad Lough USA July 15
Mike Spence CAN August 15
Haley Thomas USA September 15
Russell Boerner USA January 16
Gene Morrison USA October 16
Wille Brown NZL October 16
Tony Powell AUS November 16
Judy Myers USA February 16
Jan Lambert BEL February 16
Malorie Bacon USA March 16
Paul Turner GBR September 16
Frank Rektenwald AUT September 16
Trent Anderson AUS September 16
Nolan Lough USA September 16
Aiden Finch GBR November 17
Ryan Groen NZL December 17
John Skobrak USA April 17
Royal Wiseman USA April 17
Norm Brown AUS June 17
Neil Heeney USA June 17
Dale Henrickson USA July 17
Andrew Martin USA July 17
Kip Hanson USA August 17
Mark Hollis AUS January 18
Jim Boyette USA November 18
Nick Hamblyn NZL April 18
Garth Strydom RSA April 18
Eloise Beattie AUS May 18
Jerry Kanawyer USA June 18
Chris Morrison USA June 18
William Farrell USA July 18
David Miller USA July 18
Alex Kittl AUT July 18
Tom Roberts USA August 18
Dave Sponsler USA September 18
Brian Scoggin USA January 19
Craig Heisey USA October 19
Robbie Paterson CAN October 19
Tim Failes AUS December 19
Eric Combier FRA December 19
Matthew Harris GBR February 19
Elke Venken BEL February 19
Brett Turner AUS March 19
Amanda Knitt USA March 19
Carla Gerstein USA April 19
Leandrie Dittmar RSA June 19
Pat Green CAN July 19
Ben Ward NZL August 19
Don Simon USA January 20
John Price AUS December 20
Franck Beurai FRA December 20
Brian Sullivan AUS February 20
Jim Forster USA February 20
Jay Hickman USA June 20
Christina Dictakis GRE June 20
Jason Dunphy CAN June 20
Brian Pritchard CAN July 20
Frank Schulze AUT August 20
Chris Stebbeings AUS September 20
Jeff Milbrath USA January 21
Tom Brown NZL January 21
Donald McFeters USA October 21
Chris Attinella USA November 21
Joseph Knapp USA March 21
Kyle Fahrenthold USA March 21
Giulio Stagi ITA March 21
Nick Burne NZL March 21
Tyler Carr CAN April 21
Dave Landon USA June 21
Jean-Marie Poncey FRA July 21
Clive Wilsdon GBR September 21
Pam Carnathan USA September 21
Daniel Goldie GBR October 22
Nerissa Wright AUS October 22
Garry Askin CAN November 22
Peter Nilsson SWE February 22
Tyler Groen NZL February 22
Al Butler USA April 22
Zane De Villiers RSA June 22
Rick Stenson III USA July 22
Patrick Bradley USA August 22
Todd Shumack AUS September 22
Craig Niddrie RSA September 22
Bob LaReau USA January 23
Michael Salber USA January 23
Rod Wood AUS October 23
Gizella Halasz AUS December 23
Marcel Brunet CAN March 23
Cory Jones-McLean AUS March 23
Reiner Banitz GER April 23
John Skobrak Sr. USA May 23
Stanley Cohen NED October 24
Brendan Wright AUS March 24
Jacobus Van Tonder RSA April 24
Sharon Carlson USA May 24
Stefan W÷sting GER May 24
Andrew Mcdonald IRL May 24
Nick Burnett NZL May 24
Billy Benoist USA May 24
Corinne Legac FRA June 24
Sam Lawman GBR June 24
Katherine Rex-Hendler USA August 24
Tony Buonaiuto USA August 24
Carl Lawman GBR August 24
Daniel Kolasko CAN January 25
Patrice Beekandt FRA November 25
Nicholas Harper USA November 25
Brenton Crouch AUS December 25
Brenda Sherwood CAN February 25
Dicky Robertson USA March 25
Clif Martin USA March 25
Kelly O'Donnell NZL April 25
Michael Whitney USA August 25
Wolfram Kittl AUT August 25
Mike Adi AUS September 25
Tom Regan USA September 25
Fred Groen NZL September 25
Steven Kolasko CAN September 25
David Ross USA January 26
Ben Groen NZL January 26
Tex Rohrbach USA October 26
Howard Galloway RSA October 26
Filippo Mussano ITA October 26
Dawn Farrell USA February 26
Asi Peretz RSA March 26
Mike Hartman USA April 26
Oakes Gary NZL April 26
Dennis Haun USA June 26
Richard Hudson USA August 26
Jimmy Tauras USA January 27
Ludo Vrancx BEL November 27
Niel Foster NZL November 27
Scott Lockwood USA February 27
Alain Legac FRA March 27
Kerstin Wood AUS March 27
Jim Rollins USA September 27
Ferdi Engelbrecht RSA September 27
Mark Wells USA January 28
Geoff Davis AUS October 28
Laura Szwed USA October 28
Sherri A Morse USA December 28
Mark Williamson USA March 28
Kay Wiser USA April 28
Marc Verschakelen BEL May 28
Steve Epifanio USA June 28
Greg Meyer USA July 28
Gerdy Bongaerts BEL September 28
Douglas Cusson USA September 28
Gary O'Donnell NZL October 29
Kerry Ross USA October 29
Blake Ehlers USA November 29
Danny Kolasko CAN December 29
Rick Soubliere USA December 29
Mike Fasbender USA December 29
Elise Martinez USA February 29
Kyle Szwed USA March 29
Doug Jordan USA April 29
Scott Sanborn USA April 29
Kathy Rayner AUS May 29
Ryan Beangstrom RSA May 29
Tracy Beangstrom RSA June 29
Ettore Stagi ITA July 29
Steinar Karlsen NOR September 29
Emily Goldie GBR September 29
Wilson Schkade USA September 29
Gary Stormark USA January 30
Patrick Whyte FRA January 30
Al Posada USA November 30
Brian Heeney USA November 30
Melanie Ward NZL November 30
Patrick Villiard CAN April 30
Nastassja Van Wyk RSA April 30
Michael Taylor AUS June 30
Karyn Scarpa CAN September 30
William Thomas, Jr. USA January 31
Andy McCarville USA December 31
Billy Nichols USA December 31
Ray Ivory AUS July 31
Glenn Kinnear USA July 31
Dick Weschenfelder USA August 31
Ed Finley USA August 31
Jessica Skobrak USA August 31
Jose Vela Dominican Republic June 07
Mike Spence USA November 06
Ron Scarpa USA April 16
Banana George USA January 22
Eddie Smit NED April 25
Jack Fontijn HOLLAND June 14
Abbie Thomas USA August 14
Haley Thomas USA September 15
Bart Williams AUS March 30
Jack Williams AUS November 18
Svenja Hempelmann GER October 07
Joe Lovato USA November 24
Marissa Williams USA February 13
John Martines USA August 02
Johnathon Martines USA December 05
Ryan Lamon USA April 10
Char Portman USA February 24
Christopher Raposo USA December 15
Steph Hamblyn NZL January 02
Mark Hammond USA February 25
Michael Netzer USA May 30
Steph Hamblyn NZL January 02
Ben Harris GBR June 03
Tom Warden USA June 27
Robyn Voss USA September 10
Joel Dziedzic USA August 17
Larry Allen USA September 07
Jim “Pubski” Przybylski USA August 23
Mark Homer USA August 26
John Schrunk USA November 18
Geoff Oswald AUS June 19
Cody Welchel USA October 15
Peter Wells GBR March 29
Jessica Erb CAN March 20
Jacob Weber USA August 13
James Weber USA August 25
Bob Miller USA December 16
Anthony Gramolino USA August 14
Sarah Linton NZL December 28
Adam Mason USA April 04
Andrew Trottier USA April 02