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Haven't you heard? It's the Summer of Sleaze. While sleazecore might be taking over the fashion world, it's hardly been a new thing when it comes to cinema. What's more sleazy than an erotic film, one that pushes the boundaries of desire and sexual taboos? These movies run the gamut from cult classics to smutty art house films. If you're going to make it sleazy, you better make it sexy.
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Is there a special relationship between Art and spirituality? How does religious art fit into this picture? The first art was religious and used highly spiritual imagery. It was made on caves miles deep within the earth, painting natural occurring cathedrals. Chauvet Cave paintings are among the oldest examples of spiritual art. They are thought to have been used in ceremonial magic. A sort of artist magic whereby shamans ventured deep into caves.
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Buy Issue His paintings, and especially his publications check out Secret Passage, Perfect Sausage , are intended to titillate. His extensive research delves into sexual practices and taboos, looking at how they are handled in visual culture by everyone from the Ancient Greeks and Romans to the pop culture figures of today—you are as likely to identify a Greek Kouros as you are to spot Axl Rose or Brad Renfro. His work is a conversation with the history of art; a dialogue with the construction of sexual hierarchies, imagery and power; a reflection of how sex prescribes masculinity and the eroticization of male bodies. Using techniques like cut and paste, digital collage and painting, compiling images from Google searches and pre-internet homoerotic magazines, Hawkins satirizes male dominance and violence, sexuality and death.
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Renaissance artists transformed the course of Western art history by making the nude central to artistic practice. The revival of interest in classical antiquity and a new focus on the role of the image in Christian worship encouraged artists to draw from life, resulting in the development of newly vibrant representations of the human body. The ability to represent the naked body would become the standard for measuring artistic genius but its portrayal was not without controversy, particularly in religious art.
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